Suggested Article by Stanley Keleman

Somatic Psychotherapy Today | Fall 2014 | Volume 4, Special Supplement | page 3
Stanley Keleman
has been practicing and developing somatic therapy for over forty years and is a
pioneer in his study of the body and its connection to the sexual, emotional, psychological, and imaginative
aspects of human experience. Through his writings and practice, he has developed a methodology and
conceptual framework for the life of the body. He has been the director of the Center for Energetic Studies in
Berkeley, California since 1971, where he maintains a private and group practice, and an active schedule of
national and international professional programs. He is the honorary president and director for research at the
Zurich School for Form and Movement, the Centro de Psicologia Formativa do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro, and
the Institute for Formative Psychology in Solingen, Germany, where he also teaches