Manage Emotional Experiences thru Pulse

Pulse Somatic-Energetic


What is Pulse? The marriage of Being and Doing. The recognition that we are an organic process; that life pulses us and we respond.

What does it mean that life pulses us? The deep organs and systems of digestion and assimilation are stimulated by the release of the juices of the endocrine system, the hormonal self. Below the level of consciousness they pulse and resonate in a communal dialogue of vibration and pulsation. The deepest layers of growth are activated.

As the pulsatory action moves out towards the surface of the body it stimulates the big musculature, involuntary and then voluntary muscles engaging the limbic management centres of the brain. We awaken in an awareness of excitement, vibration, sensation and pulsation. This is the realm of the foundation of Self awareness.

As the pulse continues its journey outward the body engages finer and finer neuromuscular filtering behaviours. Pulsation and excitement begin to gel into feeling and emotion; the neo-cortex becomes involved in managing more intricate finer muscular structures. Next comes the muscular formation of cognitive activity; the defined structures of linear, contained chronological activity.

Having pressed against and affected the outward boundaries of our being and doing the pulse gathers new information and begins the journey back towards the core, educating deeper neuromuscular layers of the body and its brain and, eventually, the deep pulsating organs of digestion and assimilation.

This is how we experience our evolutionary body; a body that is constantly reshaping how it is present in much the same manner as oceanic waves alter the shoreline in a constant ongoing tidal dialogue. Without the shore the world would just be the water of Being; without the Ocean the matter of the earth would not be vitalized into Becoming.

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