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 Pulse Somatic-Energetic

Pulse, a way of responding to, managing and learning from the experience of daily life.


Organic life shares a common language and experience of excitement, vibration and pulsation; a sensational language. As evolution has tattooed the drumbeat of becoming upon the structures of living tissue, we have grown increasingly complex layers of capacities and abilities to respond to our drive to grow and our drives to survive.

There is an increasingly intricate dance between the forces of becoming and the containment of the excitement of becoming. We are riding the edge of this dynamic tension, growing progressively more complex and adaptable layers of neuromuscular tissue in response to multifaceted opportunities appearing out of our evolutionary ground.

How does this relate to our daily life? To paraphrase Henry Miller: ‘Every day we awaken and slaughter our best impulses.’ Every day we are close to the deep tender powerful pulses of our life force. Surface concerns and attentions overwhelm the signals from the deep body and we twist and distort ourselves in order to respond to the demands of our social/cultural life and relationships.

Pulse, as taught by Gregory Nye, offers tools to use these surface activities, these behaviours, as learning laboratories that can open up access to a more complete involvement of the body. The more layers of our organism that are involved in the activity of being present, the more choices of response become available.

‘How’ is the doorway that offers us the opportunity to use any situation as an occasion to learn. Several times a day we are triggered by lesser and greater startle reactions inherited and reinforced through our developmental journey. These triggers may be petty or significant; regardless they propel our whole neuromuscular body into a flight or fight posture.

Intuitively we will engage cognitive and emotional layers of our body in an attempt to overcome or flee from exaggerated reaction. In the simplest reactions there is a deep confusion between the experience of pain and a belief that this pain heralds imminent death.

How are we activated to attack, become dense, or flee? A friend criticizes you in a hurtful way, in words, or tone, or the way they look at you; your boss or co-worker attempts to bully or ridicule you; a lover becomes cold and remote. There is an encyclopedia of incidences that can trigger us. Often we are triggered by dark memories from our past that threaten our sense of security in our present and challenge our optimistic future. Our sense of being threatened can be real or imagined.

By voluntarily moving towards our pain, responsibly, not naively, we exercise the layers of reaction and educate these layers to manage our distressing excitement. Like going to a gym in order to grow a stronger body we engage the overextension of our Central Nervous System and grow resilient, vitalized muscles that contain and push the excitement back down into the depths of the body where grounded presence becomes more easily managed.

Through this process we continually renew and revitalize our life

pulse and use trauma and distress as nature intended, as opportunities to grow an enduring, deepening, expansive life.

Thank you for coming by, Gregory Nye

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